Monday, 1 September 2014


At tonight's final meeting of HUISA the votes were cast by members as to how to disperse the assets. At the AGM two proposals were put forward .

The first was to transfer HUISA shares and cash to HUST.

The second proposal was to transfer the shares to HUST and the cash be passed on to UITC, United in the community

There were 5 registered abstentions
23 votes for the first option
50 votes for the second option.

In line with the members wishes. the treasurer will now make arrangements to disperse the assets.

HUISA would like to thank all members for their support over many years.

Monday, 4 August 2014

The End Of HUISA

A decision was taken to dissolve HUISA at their AGM this evening. Whilst for technical reasons this can't happen until next month, in reality HUISA has come to the end of its life.

The AGM held at the Richmond Club was attended by 30 members plus those on top table, chairman Keith Dodd, secretary Dave White, treasurer Nicki White, vice-chairman Dave Weaver and away travel organiser Richard Burkin.

The main item on the agenda was to make a decision on the future of HUISA. Both the chairman, secretary and treasurer told the meeting they didn't want to continue in their positions and as there had been no nominations to fill the posts, a decision was forced on the meeting.

Ken Kinnersley proposed that HUISA be dissolved and this was agreed but then came the problem of what to do with HUISA's shares and money. As their constitution stands any assets pass to the manager of Hereford United. However Kinnersley felt that given the situation at the club the assets should be passed elsewhere. This was agreed but then came a long debate about how this should be done and to whom the assets should pass.

Eventually it was decided that another meeting would be held on Monday September 1st to change the constitution. All members will be sent a letter/e-mail to inform them of the meeting and also give them two options about the shares and money.

The first option is to move both the shares and money to the Supporters Trust, the second option to to transfer the shares to the Trust but give the money to UITC, United in the Community.

Once that has been decided, HUISA will be no more.

Saturday, 26 July 2014


HUISA would like to remind members that their AGM will take place on MONDAY 4TH AUGUST at the Richmond Place club starting at 7.30 pm. Nominations are open for election to the committee and for the roles of Chairman, Secretary / membership administrator. These must be received no later than FRIDAY 1ST AUG, with a proposer and seconder, who must be current members. Nominations should be sent to or PO BOX 1999 HEREFORD HR2 7WA. 



Saturday, 12 July 2014


HUISA recently contacted its members asking for their views and opinions on the current situation at Edgar Street, and what they would like to see happen, and we stress this was not a poll. The responses that we received are as follows.

40% of the membership replied either by e-mail, post or verbally. 65% of the replies expressed a view to a boycott of Edgar Street. 23% expressed a wish that HUISA should affiliate with the Trust and 12% revealed a willingness to carry on supporting the club.

With these results it would appear that HUISA and its members would back an Edgar Street boycott. HUISA would also look further into an affiliation with the Trust for a united voice.

It is evident that a certain amount of HUISA members, and supporters in general, still wish to carry on supporting the club at this time.

The wishes of these people MUST be duly respected and HUISA would not, as does not, condone any harassment or abuse by others expressing different opinions.

Many thanks to those who replied with their views.

Please remember our AGM on 4th August at the Richmond Place Club at 7.30 and nominations for committee /officers should be received by HUISA no later than Friday 1st August.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


HUISA would like to give notice of their AGMThe meeting will take place at the Richmond Place Club on Monday 4th August 2014 commencing at 7.30. All members are urged to attend. We would usually have the meeting on the day of our first home game but as this is in doubt, and with lots of things to discuss, and with the potential of people boycotting the games, we felt that the AGM would be better served during the week.

As some members know, Dave White, who has been standing in as secretary for the last few months, will be standing down from the HUISA committee completely at the AGM, meaning HUISA will require a new secretary/membership administrator.

At this weeks committee meeting, the HUISA committee discussed and read through the replies received so far.

HUISA chairman Keith Dodd also tendered his resignation from the HUISA committee, again with effect from the AGM.

These two important roles will need to be filled in order for HUISA to carry on in its current role. Therefore, any member wishing to stand for election to the committee/officer role, need to notify HUISA prior to the AGM. Nominations may be submitted by contacting HUISA at PO Box 1999, Hereford, HR2 7WA, or by e-mail to, stating their name, a proposer and a seconder and who MUST be current HUISA members.

At this time, Dave White, would like to take the opportunity to thank the HUISA chairman, officers and members, past to present day, for their support. Being involved in one way or another with HUFC for over half of my life, I feel that new blood is needed, with some fresh impetus. There have ben many happy times and some awful lows, but in that time I have met some great people who will always remain close to my heart and lifelong friends.

Once again, a big thanks to you all and keep the faith.


UPDATE  Members views are still coming in, as some members have had to be sent letters asking for their views, HUISA have decided that Friday 11th July will be the cut-off point for collation purposes. We will, on Saturday, announce the general view from our received replies. At this moment, it would appear that our members views are broadly in line with the result of the vote carried out by HUST.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

HUISA Consult Members

HUISA have sent an e-mail to their members asking for views and thoughts about what action they would like HUISA to consider given the 'current dire situation at Edgar Street'.

HUISA have a full committee meeting next week where responses from members will be considered.
Any members HUISA do not have an email address for will receive letters in the post.

Thursday, 12 June 2014


HUISA have today contacted Hereford council to request that the re-assigning of the leases to Edgar street be avoided at all costs at this time. With the new regime not appearing to be open and transparent with the supporters , it gives concern that there could be ulterior motives behind the move. We ask all members and supporters in general to contact their local councillor with there concerns.


Last night's Q and A with Chris Price at the starlight room raised £175.00 for the fund raising committee.
This will be lodged with HUISA as previous monies have and will be held until such time as the club is on a more sound footing.
Many thanks to Chris and to the supporters.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


On Monday 16th June a fans forum will be held in the Starlight Room with Tommy Agombar, Andy Green and Mark Ellis.
All fans are welcome to attend to ask their questions to the new owners of the club. The meeting will start at 7.30pm.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Last weekend the fundraising committee held two events. Friday night saw a rock night in the Starlight Room and Saturday was the Craft and Plant sale in Radford's. The total raised was just over £570.00 . This money has been placed into HUISA'S account for holding and will be held until such time the Club is on a more sound footing. A big thank you to all who helped organise the events and of course those who supported them.

Monday, 9 June 2014

HUST/HUISA Meeting June 9th

The board of HUST and the HUISA committee met tonight to discuss current events.

The group were introduced to Mark Ellis, who is to be recruiting players for the club over the coming month. He outlined the way he wanted to recruit players and the way he wanted to set up training diaries and plans. He was unable to talk about the business side as it was not his remit.

Due to the recent events at the club, HUST and HUISA discussed what options were open to us and at present, until the club's future is decided, we have little option other than to sit and wait.

HUST have invited HUISA to affiliate and work with them and HUISA will take this forward to members at the forthcoming AGM. It is felt that HUST's access to knowledge and legal expertise would be invaluable to the future of Hereford United.

HUISA will discuss the matter at their forthcoming AGM and will go with the majority of votes cast. HUISA will still have it's own identity and committee, and still carry on doing what they have been doing successfully over the last two decades.

Thursday, 5 June 2014


On hearing this afternoons news that it appears the football creditors have not been paid, HUISA would like to add their support to the statement from the Trust published tonight on Bulls News.

 HUISA would like to clarify the notion that they were aware of the new owner 2 weeks ago. HUISA chairman, Keith Dodd, was introduced, at the club, to a gentleman called Tommy on 28th May and was told that he was one of the possible consortium, he was not told the persons surname. Keith only had it confirmed to him on 2nd June, that the man he was introduced to previously was, in fact, Tommy Agombar. This news was then made public by the Club.

It would appear that ALL supporters groups, and fans in general, have been promised a lot and given nothing. We are utterly disgusted at the treatment that the Football Club is showing to its loyal fanbase, players and staff.

After this weekends' outcome, HUISA will be looking to meet with the Trust to see where we go from here. It is imperative that we meet with Club representatives as a matter of urgency, on a UNITED front.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


HUISA chairman Keith Dodd has met and spoken to the new owner of Hereford United, Tommy Agombar. Whilst the important thing at the moment is to ensure our conferance status he stressed to him that it is a matter of urgency that he meet's with the fans groups and with supporters in general at the earliest conveience. He has said that as soon as he can the owners will meet and discuss with supporters his plans and answer fans questions

Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Please find below a brief list of points brought up at last nights meeting.

Approximately 45 members turned up for last night's meeting held at the Vice-Presidents Club. Unfortunately, as with the previous weeks HUST meeting, the Chairman was unable to spread any light on the proposed investment in the Club. Some members who arrived early, spoke to David Keyte and he stated to them that the deal was almost there and an official statement was to be issued later that night.

The Treasurer gave a brief report on the season's financial situation. The 50/50 draw had raised over £10500, donations had also increased. We had made donations to the Club for two loan players to be brought in, paid money towards the HMRC bill, assisted with first team bus hire and, in conjunction with HUST and others, donated money for youth team travel.  Most recently, HUISA have paid directly to BT, the Clubs' outstanding phone bill. Most of these donations have resulted in shares being given to HUISA, which has now amounts to HUISA having a holding of 44676 shares.

HUISA has been involved with the Working Group of the Trust and will continue to work alongside them for the good of the Football Club.

Members expressed their concerns about the lack of communication coming from the Club, which was in turn, leading to much speculation. Unfortunately, HUISA are in the same position as other supporters' groups in just having to wait to see how the financial situation unfolds.

Members present were informed that, as and when, the new investors are in place, we will be urgently seeking a meeting, jointly with the Trust and London Bulls, to seek and clarify their position and how all supporters groups can work alongside the Football Club going forward.

All-in-all, with the situation at the Club at present, the meeting was as positive as it could be and one thing which was evident, is this Club has a fantastic hardcore band of supporters who purely want Hereford United to survive and progress.

We will keep members updated on events as and when we have news to report.

Monday, 26 May 2014


Just to remind HUISA members that the open meeting for members is on Tuesday evening at 7.30 in the Vice President lounge at the football club.
Please attend if you can

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


The committee of HUISA met last night with various things discussed. With the season now over a full members meeting will be held at the football club on TUESDAY 27th May at 7.30pm in the Vice Presidents club. All fully paid up members are invited to attend. Various things will be on the agenda which will include way and means of taking HUISA and HUFC forward.

A few things brought to our attention of late may need a little clarification.

All HUISA decisions are based on a committee vote with 1 person 1 vote basis, this enables the majority vote to be carried.

HUISA do not have a place on the board of HUFC only a seat at the board room table to be able to discuss supporter issues. To date HUISA have only been invited to one board meeting as of  6/5/14.

Please be assured that HUISA has and will continue to work with all parties that are involved with HUFC for a brighter future.

We urge all members to try and attend the above meeting, it is your association and we are your representatives. Please bring your membership card with you as only paid up members will be admitted.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014


As the season has ended. the Committee of HUISA will be meeting next week to discuss various issues. A statement will be issued after the meeting, including details of a members meeting to be held shortly, at the Club to discuss a forward strategy.

The Committee would like to place on record their thanks for your continued support over a very difficult season, both on and off the pitch.


Many thanks for your support, these positions have been filled.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014


This Saturday, 3rd May, Swansea City have allowed Hereford United to do a bucket collection at their home game against Southampton. The Club have 10 tickets for the match, for volunteers who make themselves available to carry out the collection.

Any interested persons are asked to contact the Club on 01432 375630, or e-mail the Club on for the attention of Lee Symonds. This will be on a first come, first served basis.

Many thanks.

Monday, 28 April 2014


All at HUISA would like to say a very big thank you to all the staff and players at HEREFORD UNITED. Some of you may be leaving , but as you have been doing your jobs on maybe reduced hours and with little or no pay you have done it professionally. We wish you well in the future and once again THANKS.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


HUISA coach to Aldershot on Saturday departs Radfords at noon and costs £18 for members and £20for non-members. Tickets can be booked in person at the club or by calling 01432 375630. Please book your tickets as early as you can so as to enable us to book the coaches needed.

Monday, 21 April 2014


Todays winning ticket numbers are as follows. 84696 and 84258 who both collect £300.00 and 85336 who claims £163.00.The winners are Gary Minton  from Hereford, Rob Bullock from Staplow Ledbury and David Mitchell from Kidderminster.
Congratulations to them and after a terrific season of 50/50 sales a big thank you to all supporters who purchased tickets over the season.


HUISA sponsored awards were as follows.

3rd Michael Rankine
2nd Luke Graham
1st Daniel Lloyd Weston

Congratulations to them and a big thanks to all who voted.

Friday, 18 April 2014


Just to remind you that this years player of the season will be presented on the pitch at about 2.30pm on Monday prior to the Alfreton game. Many thanks to you who voted on line or by forms handed into the club.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Saturdays' Cash for Clothes in conjunction with St John's Clothes Bank, raised in the region of £400.00 which was given to the Club. Due to the success of the event, it will again be ran on Easter Monday's match against Alfreton.

Anyone who has any old usable clothes, shoes, belts , bags etc are asked to bag them up and drop them off at the Club at any time or on Monday prior to kick-off.

Many thanks to those who have already donated.


HUISA travel details to Aldershot are as follows. Coach departs Radfords at midday and costs £18 for members and £20 for non-members. Please book your seats early so demand can be met. Tickets can be booked at the club  or in Radfords prior to the game on Easter Monday.

Sunday, 13 April 2014


The winning numbers for the 50/50 draw are as follows.83801 and 82751 who both win £300 and 84312 who wins £137. All prizes have been claimed. Once again a massive thanks to all who bought a ticket.

Thursday, 10 April 2014


This Saturday will be the final chance to vote for your player of the season. Voting forms are in the club reception and in the bars at the ground. All completed forms must be returned to the club by 6pm on Saturday to enable a count to be done. Votes can also be cast at
Please vote for your 1st 2nd and 3rd choice. Presentation will be on the pitch prior to the Easter Monday match against Alfreton.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


HUISA travel details to Tamworth are as follows. Coach departs Radfords at  5pm and costs £15 for members and £17 for non members. places can be booked in person at the club or in Radfords on Saturday before the Gateshead match.


With the recent donation made by HUISA, we can confirm that our total amount of shares in now 422276

Monday, 7 April 2014


HUISA would like to say a big thank you to evryone who has assisted in any way  over the last two weeks to help get this tax bill paid. The support we and the club have recieved has been incredible To have raised that kind of money in such a short time is indeed an outstanding  achievement. You are all a credit to the club and the city. MANY THANKS.

Sunday, 6 April 2014


HUISA will today be running a 50/50 draw at each of todays comedy gigs at the courtyard. Any support you can give will be greatly appreciated

Saturday, 5 April 2014

WOKING 50/50

Todays winning 50/50 numbers are 80235. 81910. 80725 all of which won £300.00. and 80660 which won £45.00. Todays draw is the best ever we have achieved. A really big thanks to all who bought tickets today, many who bought not just to win any money, but to just know they were helping the club in their hour of need. Once again a massive thanks to you all.


Over the last week HUISA has donated £4000.00 to the club to assist in the current tax bill. On Wednesday night £3000.00 was given in lieu of shares and last night at the race night £1000.00 was raised and donated. Our shares now total 42276.


Another great night of fundraising at the club tonight.
HUISA'S race night has raised another £1000.00 for the club. A big thanks to all who supported the event, onto tomorrow.  Onwards and upwards.

Friday, 4 April 2014


At tomorrows game please do not forget to pick up your player of the year voting form. They are available from the club and bars. Votes can also be cast at and all votes must be in by next Saturday.

Thursday, 3 April 2014


This weekend is as big as it gets for the club. Please support any event that you can, in our final push to help save the club.As the well known supermarket says Every little helps.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Club Statement

Thanks to the fantastic efforts of Bulls fans, and fans from the wider football family, Hereford United are closing in on the £78,000 fundraising target.
With a court date set for this Monday for Hereford United to pay their outstanding £78,000 debt to HMRC, United currently have just over £20,000 in the fighting fund, which includes over £10,000 of donations from fans of Hereford United and the wider football family.

Fundraising shows from top UK Comedian Omid Djalili this Sunday at The Courtyard are likely to raise close to a further £20,000 for the club.

However directors and supporters groups at Edgar Street who met on Wednesday evening stress that a good turnout for United's home game against Woking is a must.

“We've sat around the table tonight, it's been a positive evening where we've received generous donations from HUISA and HUST” Bulls Director Dave Preedy said.

“Taking into account what we forecast to receive over the weekend from gate receipts, bar takings and additional income we think we're left with about £16,000-£20,000 still to find.”

“It's a more manageable figure, but we need one final push from the fans who have so far been absolutely superb with their donations and support of our fundraising events.

“We've got a nostalgia night tomorrow to relive our Play Off Final win over Halifax, a Race Night on Friday night and a shirt auction on Saturday and we'd love to see as many people turn out as possible”.

“We need to continue fundraising right up until the last minute to ensure we can make the payment to HMRC and hopefully avoid a winding up order that could put to an end to our 90 year history.”

“It would be a disaster if this club ceased to be, we've all got our own personal memories and we're all fighting hard to make sure we keep this club going.” Preedy added.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Boards To Meet Wednesday To Consider Finances

Representatives of the boards or the Club, HUISA, and HUST will meet on Wednesday night to consider the financial position of the Bulls.

The meeting will seek to determine whether the club can meet the demand for the winding-up petition in the High Court, with the Club Board needing to make a decision on Friday regarding the various courses of action.

Anybody that is considering donating to the cause, by any method, is urged to do so sooner rather than later.

Saturday, 29 March 2014


Todays winning numbers are as follows. 79678 79834 and 79064.
The winner of the first prize was Vince Wood from Hereford. The second prize was Barry  Garbutt  from Hereford who both win £300.00 each and the third prize of £235.00 was claimed by Peter Banks from Rugby. Congratulations to them all. Once again a massive thank you to all of you who bought tickets and this is the first time that we have ever paid out three prizes.


Just a reminder at these trying times. Player of the year voting starts today with forms being available from the club and bars. Votes can also be cast at or by post to HUISA POBOX1999 HEREFORD HR2 7WA

Friday, 28 March 2014


HUISA have now got a donation tag on our site. Anyone wishing to donate funds to the club can do this via the donate icon.

Thursday, 27 March 2014


HUISA would urge all fans past and present to make the trip to Edgar Street on Saturday. The club at this time needs your support more than ever. Anything you or your friends can do to support the on and off field activities will be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


HUISA will again this season be sponsering this years Hereford United player of the year award.
Voting forms will be available from Saturday March 29th from the club office and the bars around the ground. All completed forms should be handed in to the club reception.
Votes can also be cast on line at or by posting to HUISA PO BOX 1999 HEREFORD HR2 7WA.
Voting closes at 6pm on Saturday April 12th after the Gateshead match.
The award will be presented at the Easter Saturday match against Alfreton on Monday 21st April

Monday, 24 March 2014

Open Meeting Handout

An information handout will be available at tonight's meeting.

The following link (PDF) is for the handout:

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Open Meeting – Monday 24th – 7pm – Starlite Rooms

HUST and HUISA will be holding an Open Meeting in the Starlite Rooms on Monday (24th), starting at 7pm.

We actively welcome anyone with an interest in the club to attend.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Hyde 50/50

The 50/50 winning ticket numbers for the Hyde game were 78392 which won £300.00 and was claimed by Peter Churchus of Ross, and 78490 which won £86.50 and was claimed by a supporter. Once again congratulations to them and as always a big thank you to all who bought tickets, your support is much appreciated.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Joint Statement

Joint statement issued by the Boards of Hereford United Independent
Supporters Association (HUISA) and Hereford United Supporters Trust
(HUST) following a joint meeting at Edgar Street on Monday 3rd March
The meeting commenced with introductions from those present and opening
discussions from the Chairs of the two supporters organisations. These
outlined the aims, objectives and activities of each group and then
moved into fundraising strategies.
It was confirmed that HUST had made a commitment not to replicate or
duplicate any fundraising activity that HUISA was pursuing. As a
relatively young, new organisation the strategy HUST is pursuing is one
of building long term sustainable income streams to support the Trust in
its ambitions to support football in the county. Is was clear that HUISA
have more immediate fund raising capability and are continuing
supporting the club with ongoing financial donations.
The discussion then moved onto the current situation of the club and
matters of interest to supporters. The position regarding the Asset of
Community Value (ACV) was discussed in detail and it was felt that a
better understanding was gained by all of the purpose and function of an
ACV and why it has been pursued by the Trust Board.
A full and frank discussion then followed on the relationship that those
present had with each other, the supporters and with the Football Club
Board, given that many of those present had contributed to both the
supporters organisations in the past. It was clear that those present
all have a common thread of passion and support for the Football Club.
The meeting concluded with a discussion on ideas for running some form
of joint event between HUISA and HUST and a further meeting has been
arranged in April to develop these ideas further.

Saturday, 1 March 2014


Todays 50/50 winning ticket numbers are. 76783 which wins £300.00 and was claimed by G Smith from Hereford and 77110 which wins £121.00 and was claimed by Mrs M Nicholls from Withington. Once again congratulations to them and as always a big thank you to all who bought tickets, your support is much appreciated.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Last nights winning ticket was number 76583 which had a prize of £295.00. The winner was Mr A P Johnson from Leominster. Congratulations to him and as always thank you very much for your support.

Thursday, 13 February 2014


Saturday February 15th departs from Radfords at 9.30 am and costs £19.00 for members and £21.00 for non-members. Booking can be made in person at the club or by calling 08442 761 939.


The postponed match against Wrexham has been re- arranged for Tuesday 18th March. Travel details to follow.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


HUISA will be donating £2000.00 to the club this week in return for further shares. This will now take HUISA to a total of 30276 shares.
We have been able to do this as in recent weeks the sale of 50/50 match tickets has been very good. A big thank you to everyone who purchased tickets, your support as ever is second to none.


Tonights game is off. No date has been arranged for the future as yet.

Monday, 10 February 2014


Tuesday 11th Feb travel to Wrexham departs Radfords at 4pm and costs £15 for members and £17 for non members. Tickets can be booked in person at the club or by calling 08441 761 939.

Saturday, 8 February 2014


With todays match against Macclesfield being called off, if you are at a loose end and are contemplating watching the premier match and/or the rugby Addisons will be open . Many thanks for your support.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Along with the football club and other supporter organisations HUISA would like to add their backing to this campaign.
Football v homophobia is an international campaign to tackle homophobia and prejudice against (LGBT) lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transsexuals in football.
The campaign runs for the month of February and we feel that as in all walks of life any person should be allowed to carry out their daily life without any prejudice from others.

If you hear any homophobic incidents or chants at your game please contact your nearest steward or club official. You can also report this to the F.A directly on 0800 085 0508 or by e-mailing  . .Please do this as doing nothing, is really agreeing with what is going on.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Woking Away

Due to lack of numbers the HUISA coach to Woking has been cancelled. We are sorry if this causes any problems.


As promised, here is an update of HUISA's current Board position.

At the request of HUISA, our representation at the boardroom table is one of a committee position. This enables different committee members to attend, when available, future board meetings. This then allows people the chance to put forward theirs, and other supporters, questions and queries to the whole board. So this alleviates all concerns and issues going through one person.

Due to this being a committee position, no one person has been named as a director due to company legalities and to this end we re-iterate that this is a seat around the boardroom table NOT a place on the board. The Club have agreed that the representative will be able to attend a complete board meeting from start to finish and be able to participate in all discussion. However, that person will NOT be able to vote on any proposals, merely give their input.

Whilst this may not seem as influential as some people would wish, or think, we at HUISA welcome any form of dialogue with the whole board. It is hoped by HUISA that ,in due course, other supporters' bodies will also be invited to the boardroom table.

To this end, as stated by the Chairman, Keith Dodd, in this weeks' press , supporters who would like to ask or raise any issues and concerns to the board, are welcome to write to HUISA at PO BOX 1999 Hereford HR2 7WA, or e-mail

Please note that abusive and direct personal attacks will not be welcomed If you require a personal reply, details will need to be sent with your question.  Otherwise, we will report back via regular updates on this site.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Last nights winning tickets were. 75482 which won £300 and was claimed by Mr Brian Miller from Ledbury. Second ticket was 75695 which won £147 was claimed by Chris Farr from Hereford. Congratulations to then and many thanks for your support,

Saturday, 25 January 2014


Todays winning ticket numbers are 74863 which wins £300.00 and 75183 which wins £206.00.

The first prize was won and collected by  Mr I Robertson from Hereford who very kindly donated £100.00 back . Second prize was won and collected by Mr Terry Jeffrey from Weobley.
 Once again a massive thank you to you all for buying a tickets and supporting us.

Friday, 24 January 2014


HUISA coaches to Woking and Wrexham have been announced.
Wokin Feb 3rd departs Radfords at 2pm and costs £19 for members and £21 for non members.

Wrexham 11th Feb departs Radfords at 4pm and costs £15 for members and £17 for non members.
Tickets can be booked in person in Radfords at the game tomorrow and on Tuesday night . They can also be booked by phone on 08445 761 939.

Saturday, 18 January 2014


Todays winning ticket numbers are as follows. First prize of £300.00 was ticket number 73935 and second prize of £181.50 was number 74282. The first prize is yet to be claimed so check your ticket please. Second prize was claimed by Mr Peter Drinkwater from Hereford who very kindly donated  £40.00 back. If you do have the first prize ticket 73935 please contact HUISA either by e-mail on or by writing to PO BOX 1999 Hereford HR27WA or speak to a seller at the next match. Ticket will be needed as proof of purchase which ever way.
Once again a massive thanks to you great supporters for supporting the 50/50 draw.

Monday, 13 January 2014


HUISA will again this week be donating £100.00 towards the cost of the coach for the FA CUP match at Hyde against MAN CITY . This donation will be via the Trust as they have a ring fenced donation facility


The Board of HUFC have kindly invited HUISA to the boardroom table. It is the intention of the HUISA committee and the Board to operate this under a committee seat. One of the reasons for this is to ensure that a HUISA representative will be available to attend each board meeting in the future.

This will hopefully spread the load over various personnel with varying opinions. Whilst HUISA predominately represent their 180 paid-up members we will, of course, take note and listen to all fans points and views that are raised with us.

HUISA see this as a new beginning and a way for the Club to move forward with supporters views being expressed around the table. We would hope in the near future that other supporters groups will also be asked, along with HUISA, to carry this forward.

Dialogue between the Board and supporters can only be to the good of the Club and HUISA welcome this. The offer has only just been made so it is just getting off the ground. There may well be teething problems and there are some issues regarding legalities and voting rights to be discussed. We will, of course, keep supporters informed as and when things progress.