Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Please find below a brief list of points brought up at last nights meeting.

Approximately 45 members turned up for last night's meeting held at the Vice-Presidents Club. Unfortunately, as with the previous weeks HUST meeting, the Chairman was unable to spread any light on the proposed investment in the Club. Some members who arrived early, spoke to David Keyte and he stated to them that the deal was almost there and an official statement was to be issued later that night.

The Treasurer gave a brief report on the season's financial situation. The 50/50 draw had raised over £10500, donations had also increased. We had made donations to the Club for two loan players to be brought in, paid money towards the HMRC bill, assisted with first team bus hire and, in conjunction with HUST and others, donated money for youth team travel.  Most recently, HUISA have paid directly to BT, the Clubs' outstanding phone bill. Most of these donations have resulted in shares being given to HUISA, which has now amounts to HUISA having a holding of 44676 shares.

HUISA has been involved with the Working Group of the Trust and will continue to work alongside them for the good of the Football Club.

Members expressed their concerns about the lack of communication coming from the Club, which was in turn, leading to much speculation. Unfortunately, HUISA are in the same position as other supporters' groups in just having to wait to see how the financial situation unfolds.

Members present were informed that, as and when, the new investors are in place, we will be urgently seeking a meeting, jointly with the Trust and London Bulls, to seek and clarify their position and how all supporters groups can work alongside the Football Club going forward.

All-in-all, with the situation at the Club at present, the meeting was as positive as it could be and one thing which was evident, is this Club has a fantastic hardcore band of supporters who purely want Hereford United to survive and progress.

We will keep members updated on events as and when we have news to report.