Wednesday, 7 May 2014


The committee of HUISA met last night with various things discussed. With the season now over a full members meeting will be held at the football club on TUESDAY 27th May at 7.30pm in the Vice Presidents club. All fully paid up members are invited to attend. Various things will be on the agenda which will include way and means of taking HUISA and HUFC forward.

A few things brought to our attention of late may need a little clarification.

All HUISA decisions are based on a committee vote with 1 person 1 vote basis, this enables the majority vote to be carried.

HUISA do not have a place on the board of HUFC only a seat at the board room table to be able to discuss supporter issues. To date HUISA have only been invited to one board meeting as of  6/5/14.

Please be assured that HUISA has and will continue to work with all parties that are involved with HUFC for a brighter future.

We urge all members to try and attend the above meeting, it is your association and we are your representatives. Please bring your membership card with you as only paid up members will be admitted.