Thursday, 12 June 2014


HUISA have today contacted Hereford council to request that the re-assigning of the leases to Edgar street be avoided at all costs at this time. With the new regime not appearing to be open and transparent with the supporters , it gives concern that there could be ulterior motives behind the move. We ask all members and supporters in general to contact their local councillor with there concerns.


Last night's Q and A with Chris Price at the starlight room raised £175.00 for the fund raising committee.
This will be lodged with HUISA as previous monies have and will be held until such time as the club is on a more sound footing.
Many thanks to Chris and to the supporters.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


On Monday 16th June a fans forum will be held in the Starlight Room with Tommy Agombar, Andy Green and Mark Ellis.
All fans are welcome to attend to ask their questions to the new owners of the club. The meeting will start at 7.30pm.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Last weekend the fundraising committee held two events. Friday night saw a rock night in the Starlight Room and Saturday was the Craft and Plant sale in Radford's. The total raised was just over £570.00 . This money has been placed into HUISA'S account for holding and will be held until such time the Club is on a more sound footing. A big thank you to all who helped organise the events and of course those who supported them.

Monday, 9 June 2014

HUST/HUISA Meeting June 9th

The board of HUST and the HUISA committee met tonight to discuss current events.

The group were introduced to Mark Ellis, who is to be recruiting players for the club over the coming month. He outlined the way he wanted to recruit players and the way he wanted to set up training diaries and plans. He was unable to talk about the business side as it was not his remit.

Due to the recent events at the club, HUST and HUISA discussed what options were open to us and at present, until the club's future is decided, we have little option other than to sit and wait.

HUST have invited HUISA to affiliate and work with them and HUISA will take this forward to members at the forthcoming AGM. It is felt that HUST's access to knowledge and legal expertise would be invaluable to the future of Hereford United.

HUISA will discuss the matter at their forthcoming AGM and will go with the majority of votes cast. HUISA will still have it's own identity and committee, and still carry on doing what they have been doing successfully over the last two decades.

Thursday, 5 June 2014


On hearing this afternoons news that it appears the football creditors have not been paid, HUISA would like to add their support to the statement from the Trust published tonight on Bulls News.

 HUISA would like to clarify the notion that they were aware of the new owner 2 weeks ago. HUISA chairman, Keith Dodd, was introduced, at the club, to a gentleman called Tommy on 28th May and was told that he was one of the possible consortium, he was not told the persons surname. Keith only had it confirmed to him on 2nd June, that the man he was introduced to previously was, in fact, Tommy Agombar. This news was then made public by the Club.

It would appear that ALL supporters groups, and fans in general, have been promised a lot and given nothing. We are utterly disgusted at the treatment that the Football Club is showing to its loyal fanbase, players and staff.

After this weekends' outcome, HUISA will be looking to meet with the Trust to see where we go from here. It is imperative that we meet with Club representatives as a matter of urgency, on a UNITED front.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


HUISA chairman Keith Dodd has met and spoken to the new owner of Hereford United, Tommy Agombar. Whilst the important thing at the moment is to ensure our conferance status he stressed to him that it is a matter of urgency that he meet's with the fans groups and with supporters in general at the earliest conveience. He has said that as soon as he can the owners will meet and discuss with supporters his plans and answer fans questions