Thursday, 5 June 2014


On hearing this afternoons news that it appears the football creditors have not been paid, HUISA would like to add their support to the statement from the Trust published tonight on Bulls News.

 HUISA would like to clarify the notion that they were aware of the new owner 2 weeks ago. HUISA chairman, Keith Dodd, was introduced, at the club, to a gentleman called Tommy on 28th May and was told that he was one of the possible consortium, he was not told the persons surname. Keith only had it confirmed to him on 2nd June, that the man he was introduced to previously was, in fact, Tommy Agombar. This news was then made public by the Club.

It would appear that ALL supporters groups, and fans in general, have been promised a lot and given nothing. We are utterly disgusted at the treatment that the Football Club is showing to its loyal fanbase, players and staff.

After this weekends' outcome, HUISA will be looking to meet with the Trust to see where we go from here. It is imperative that we meet with Club representatives as a matter of urgency, on a UNITED front.