Saturday, 12 July 2014


HUISA recently contacted its members asking for their views and opinions on the current situation at Edgar Street, and what they would like to see happen, and we stress this was not a poll. The responses that we received are as follows.

40% of the membership replied either by e-mail, post or verbally. 65% of the replies expressed a view to a boycott of Edgar Street. 23% expressed a wish that HUISA should affiliate with the Trust and 12% revealed a willingness to carry on supporting the club.

With these results it would appear that HUISA and its members would back an Edgar Street boycott. HUISA would also look further into an affiliation with the Trust for a united voice.

It is evident that a certain amount of HUISA members, and supporters in general, still wish to carry on supporting the club at this time.

The wishes of these people MUST be duly respected and HUISA would not, as does not, condone any harassment or abuse by others expressing different opinions.

Many thanks to those who replied with their views.

Please remember our AGM on 4th August at the Richmond Place Club at 7.30 and nominations for committee /officers should be received by HUISA no later than Friday 1st August.