Monday, 13 January 2014


The Board of HUFC have kindly invited HUISA to the boardroom table. It is the intention of the HUISA committee and the Board to operate this under a committee seat. One of the reasons for this is to ensure that a HUISA representative will be available to attend each board meeting in the future.

This will hopefully spread the load over various personnel with varying opinions. Whilst HUISA predominately represent their 180 paid-up members we will, of course, take note and listen to all fans points and views that are raised with us.

HUISA see this as a new beginning and a way for the Club to move forward with supporters views being expressed around the table. We would hope in the near future that other supporters groups will also be asked, along with HUISA, to carry this forward.

Dialogue between the Board and supporters can only be to the good of the Club and HUISA welcome this. The offer has only just been made so it is just getting off the ground. There may well be teething problems and there are some issues regarding legalities and voting rights to be discussed. We will, of course, keep supporters informed as and when things progress.