Saturday, 1 February 2014


As promised, here is an update of HUISA's current Board position.

At the request of HUISA, our representation at the boardroom table is one of a committee position. This enables different committee members to attend, when available, future board meetings. This then allows people the chance to put forward theirs, and other supporters, questions and queries to the whole board. So this alleviates all concerns and issues going through one person.

Due to this being a committee position, no one person has been named as a director due to company legalities and to this end we re-iterate that this is a seat around the boardroom table NOT a place on the board. The Club have agreed that the representative will be able to attend a complete board meeting from start to finish and be able to participate in all discussion. However, that person will NOT be able to vote on any proposals, merely give their input.

Whilst this may not seem as influential as some people would wish, or think, we at HUISA welcome any form of dialogue with the whole board. It is hoped by HUISA that ,in due course, other supporters' bodies will also be invited to the boardroom table.

To this end, as stated by the Chairman, Keith Dodd, in this weeks' press , supporters who would like to ask or raise any issues and concerns to the board, are welcome to write to HUISA at PO BOX 1999 Hereford HR2 7WA, or e-mail

Please note that abusive and direct personal attacks will not be welcomed If you require a personal reply, details will need to be sent with your question.  Otherwise, we will report back via regular updates on this site.